Post Race Information

Post Race information.

Dear Athletes and Volunteers,

I want to take the time to thank each and everyone of you for participating in our New Year’s Day event!   I want to thank the City of Pismo for their encouragement and support.  
I want to profess my gratitude to all of our wonderful volunteers and local sponsors.  

This race could not have gotten done or been as cool without their raffle donations, hard work and generocity: Ian Parkinson and the Slo County Sheriff’s office, The UPS Store in Nipomo, Well Seen Signs, Borah’s Awards, Running Warehouse, Steaming Bean Coffee house, Nipomo Flute, Marisol Restaraunt, Seaside Café, Pacific Advanced Skin Care, Shell Beach Joy, Leo Monoz Structural Integration,  Central Coast Kayaks, Tamara Lalanne Photography, Mike Larson Photography & The Photo Booth Experience, Epic Entertainment,  Slo Smiles, Ardy's Pilates, Sword, Moore Sports Recovery and most of all Jordan Hasay!  

Jordan's heart and presence made our small town event very special and I know the rest of you feel the same way - thank you Jordan!

In total we had 339 runners and 16 teams!  

1. Team Hodson
2. Pericic Peeps
3. Mouse & Goose
4. Team OLIVER
5. Love Every Moment
6. “Jingle Bells”
7. Weiss Lightning
8. Team Guig
9. Rexeses
10. Mama Bear’s Runners
11. Team Annie
12. Renolds Rebel Alliance
13. Team Jack and Annie
14. Beta Ninjas
15. Four Leaf Clovers
16. Running for David

I have received inquiries about the race results and I want everyone to know that the timing system went down shortly after the start of the race so no times were recorded.  I deeply apologize for just getting this information to you, I had a personal family emergency that had my attention and I was lucky to have attended and put on the race.  

I know your times are important and this was as very embarrassing and it will not happen again.  
There were many hours & dollars put into this race to ensure it's success for all and to have this happen hurt.

I want to give those of you that sign up for next years race
1/2 OFF on your registration fee.  Pre-registration will be open soon for that race.  

As soon as it went down my team started documenting the first  male and female finishers.  Here are their names in order of finishing:
Female: Bib & Name
1. 188 Jocelyn Reynolds
2. 281 Melinda Mclain
3. 047 Brittany Groh
4. 164 Shaylee Grim
5.  278  Maraitzal Gutierrez
6.  074 Angelica Ruiz
7.  150  Maggie Owens
8.  259  Jamie Realth
9.  Alexis Ross
10.  Julia Johnson

Men: Bib & Name (only 9 recorded)
1.  014 Steven Youngblood
2.  199 Garrett Morgan
3.  314  Eduardo Uribe
4.  310  Kevin Elder
5.  206  Nathan Baldwin
6.  266 Clark Acuna
7.  086  Jesse Flores
8.  073 Nathan Issacs
9. 274 Tyler Dailak

I do know that the children had an AWESOME time and the SWAG was pretty cool as well.  To see all the raffle winners faces, especially the gentleman that won the flute made my day.  

Costume Competition:
John Glines won the costume competition - winning a 90 minute sports massage with me, Michael Moore.  Right on John!!! Everyone loved your T-Rex!  

I wanted to publicly thank the Grimm Family for their time and effort to help pull this together, I couldn't have done it without you.  Thank you Cambria and Jesse and all of your tribe!  

Three years ago this gathering started at Moore Sports Recovery's parking lot where Jordan Hasay led about 100 participants in a pre run stretch and for a joy run around Shell Beach.  Last year we donated money to Operation Surf and this year we dedicated the race to Transitions Mental Health Association.  Each year a different charity will be focused on and donations given.   This years total runners has more than tripled.  

An email with details of the race will be sent out to all participants and volunteers.

Thank you Central Coast for such an awesome turnout.  The pictures are amazing and all of the notes and emails are really sweet!


  "Event  had a great, mellow vibe, and my kids loved it.  Thanks for putting on a  special event: from the kind volunteers checking us in to my daughter  meeting Jordan, and then having the shared plunge in the water, it was  awesome!  In some ways, not having the timing system work brings the day  back to the basics of just running for the joy of it.  Very special  event. Kudos."